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Interim Catalog Finance

Catalog sales can take many months to come to fruition. That’s why we offer Interim Catalog Finance, a short-term advance to bridge the time until your sale funds. 

This cash infusion allows you to:

    • Take the necessary time to find the right home for your catalog.
    • Negotiate the best price.
    • Get through all the necessary steps to the sale, without feeling rushed.


Selling your catalog and don’t know where to start?

Many creatives come to us seeking guidance on selling music royalties, or just to know what their life’s works might be worth. While Sound Royalties does not take ownership of copyrights, we always want the best for our family of creatives. We can help determine what your catalog is worth and connect you with the best buyers for your works.

With the opportunity to connect you with the right catalog buyers, we will:

    • Always be on your side.
    • Work to get the best price for your particular catalog.
    • Put the right package together and present it to our expansive network of buyers.


Call us today at 844-4ALL-MUSIC or fill out the form below.



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