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Touring is one of the most lucrative ways for musicians and performing artists to generate revenue and is part of the heart of music culture.


How do the concert touring advances work?


  • The concert touring finance program works similarly to our typical advances, but with customizations as it pertains to touring income versus music royalties
  • Each qualified performer will have the opportunity to access funding based off of their guaranteed negotiated tour agreement or their royalty streams
  • Fund can be used to build and rehearse shows and pay for the extensive upfront costs associated with hitting the road
  • You keep your copyrights, always
  • No personal guarantees, collateral, or financial statements required



“I tour a lot and I am no stranger to the large costs that go into production and live performances for high-quality shows. Our industry is facing a lot of issues, but there are solutions, too. We were able to access upfront capital from Sound Royalties for the Perrísimas tour, and that gave us the flexibility to create the quality shows we wanted to deliver.”

Alejandra Guzmán, Mexican rock star




 All interested music creatives generating more than $5,000 in annual royalty income and with touring agreements from major promoters can contact Sound Royalties to learn more about the program and receive a free analysis and valuation of their royalty earnings. Call us today at 844-4ALL-MUSIC or fill out the form below.



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