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WIRK Rib Round Up
Music Festival

WIRK Rib Round Up Music Festival Interviews – Sound Royalties

Interviews from the Sound Royalties Living Room Stage @ the WIRK Rib Round Up, Coral Sky Amphitheatre with Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, Chase Rice, Kip Moore

One of South Florida’s most anticipated country music festivals, Rib Round Up rocked the Coral Sky Amphitheatre on Saturday March 2nd, 2019. High energy country music fans and BBQ lovers were met with a powerful lineup including Ryan Montgomery, Maggie Baugh, Riley Green, Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, Chase Rice, and Kip Moore. We had a blast interviewing some of these country stars throughout the day at the Sound Royalties Living Room stage and getting a deeper look into their music. Here are some of their responses:

Riley Green Q&A:

Sound Royalties: Your new single, ‘In Love by Now’ is out right now. Who, or what, inspired you to write this song?

Riley Green: I feel like a lot of failed relationships inspire a lot of my songs, and that one is no different. It’s probably about a combination of relationships. It was just the thought of, I like the idea of songwriting, you know, like, ‘I screwed up, she’s gone, I should probably go chase her down but, there’s a cooler of Keystone right here, and I’m sittin’ on the lawn somewhere,’ and that was kind of the thought of the song… [and] it didn’t hurt having guys named Rhett Akins, Marv Green and Ben Hayslip.

Morgan Wallen Q&A

Sound Royalties: We know you’ve done a lot of great stuff with Florida Georgia Line – How’d you hook up with them in the first place?

Morgan Wallen: When I moved to Nashville in 2015, we started to run around with a lot of the same people, and we kind of just met in the studio one day and hit it off. I think we have a lot in common. All three of us are southern boys – we played baseball growing up, we love music, obviously, we just got a lot of things we hit it off with. They asked if I wanted to write, so we wrote together to start off with, then I went on tour with them a little bit, and we kind of, just became friends; That’s kind of how ‘Up, Down’ happened. It wasn’t like my manager called their manager, it just kind of happened. They came in the studio one day and I already had it recorded and I said, “Why don’t y’all just hop on here if you like it,” and they did.

Chris Lane Q&A

Sound Royalties: A lot of creatives write the music before the lyrics, or the lyrics come first and then they write the music behind it – what’s the creative process like for you when you’re [writing] your new music?

Chris Lane: I keep a notes section on my phone with all of my ideas, or [I] say it into [my] voice memo to keep ideas. Every week when I go into my “writes”, it’s kind of one of those things that you throw out as many song ideas as possible, and you try to write what’s best for the room that day, depending on who you’re writing with. For me, I try to write what’s real and true to my life and at the end of the day, you hope that people connect to that and that’s ultimately what I want to do.

Chase Rice Q&A

Sound Royalties: How did you get your start in the music industry, coming from “Survivor”?

Chase Rice: To be honest with you, it made it tougher. I’m not a reality TV guy – I don’t watch “The Bachelor” or “Survivor”, I don’t watch any of that, so it made it harder. When I went onto “Survivor”, I didn’t want to be that guy that goes onto a TV show and tries to make it into the music industry. I had to make that go away. I didn’t want to talk about “Survivor” or anything; I wanted it to be about the music for me. “Survivor”, when I look back, it was an awesome thing that I got to do. I was writing songs before I even did that, but I didn’t talk about it on the show because I didn’t want to be that guy. Afterwards, I lost my job because I couldn’t physically do it. I lost like 38 pounds, and I was working in NASCAR but couldn’t physically do the job. I went to Nashville for one weekend to hangout with Brian and Tyler from Florida Georgia Line, before they were Florida Georgia Line. We were just buddies and they had a room in their house, so literally, I went to hangout but ended up moving into their house and we all started writing songs together, so that’s how that all started.

Kip Moore Rib Round Up Sound Royalties

Kip Moore Q&A

Sound Royalties: How would you describe how your music has evolved since your first album back in 2012?

Kip Moore: Every time, it’s been a different thing, but you still get the common thread of what I do. Every time I stretch musically, I stretch lyrically, I stretch melodically, I challenge myself to grow every time. For me, it’s just, there’s a constant evolution. I’m always challenging my brain to spark in different kinds of ways. I just think that it’s kind of a natural thing that happens.

We had a great time chatting it up with Riley Green, Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, Chase Rice and Kip Moore. These guys are taking country music by storm and giving us more of what we want – new music and tour dates! Make sure you’re keeping up with the artists on their social media accounts, and also check out our Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes action throughout this festival season.