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It’s time to vote! Help us vote for our panels in this year’s SXSW PanelPicker.  Community panel voting ends on August 26th! SXSW 2022 will be held next year from March 11-20, 2022.


Panel 1: Unlocking the True Value of Your Music Catalog



Music catalog sales and acquisitions have been all the rage, and while a lump sum payout can sound attractive, many creatives don’t realize that they’d be missing out on money their catalogs could be earning them now — and many years into the future. From ensuring that they’re not missing out on any potential royalties to finding creative ways to drive new revenue for older songs, unlocking the value of your music catalog isn’t just about getting paid — it’s also about creating ways to get paid MORE. 


  1. Learning about potential royalty revenue streams you may be missing out on now.
  2. Finding creative ways to boost sales, drive revenue for older songs.
  3. Making sure you understand the legal ins and outs of signing copyright agreements, etc


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Panel 2: How to Avoid Common Music Catalogs Sales Pitfalls



The challenges that can arise with catalog sales are numerous, with far too many creatives struggling with them. This panel offers insights on common pitfalls that creatives often aren’t aware of until they’re deep into the catalog sales process…and how these trip-ups can be avoided.


  1. Identifying common pitfalls that arise when a creative sells their catalogue without assistance.
  2. How to ensure you receive what your catalogue is actually worth.
  3. Ensure a smooth and quick sales process.