While musical artists go for the gold,
Sound Royalties helps keep them in the black.

Talent is everything in the music business. But making the most of that talent takes a lot of money. And because songwriters and other music professionals rely on royalty paychecks that are delayed for many months, they often find themselves lacking the funds to fuel their creativity and drive their continued success. That’s a big problem. But you just found the solution.

  Get the money you need.

Welcome to Sound Royalties. We’re an innovative company that offers music professionals like you non-credit based financing and funding without having to deal with banks or traditional lenders.

  Control your copyrights.

You get to retain the rights to your music while getting the upfront cash you need. But it gets even better, because royalty financing is structured so that you still receive income — not 100% recoupment as is typical in the industry.

  Get paid for referrals.

One more thing: If you refer someone to us, and we work with your referral, we’ll pay you a Referral Fee of up to $25,000. It’s all about putting you as the artist first.

  Because money should never get in the way of your music.

  • We can get you the funding you need fast.
  • Our relationship with you is strictly private and confidential.
  • We can extend anywhere from $5,000 up to $10,000,000 in financing.
  • Our programs are designed for those who earn at least $5,000 in royalties annually.
  • We often find unpaid royalties, including digital and international royalties.
  • We can restructure existing advances so you can start collecting income again.
  • We use our own money to fund your transaction.