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Multi-genre producer and lyricist Yuni Wa, is making waves in the industry with an impressive catalog and more diverse music to come. This talented creative pursues beats of passion with heavy emotion illustrated throughout his work, often influenced by musicians like Thundercat and Flying Lotus. In this question and answer interview, we caught up with the up-and-coming star to talk about the highlights of his career and the drive that keeps him in motion.

When did you get started in the music business?
I was about 10-12 years old. I was a member at the local Boys & Girls Club and that’s where I learned how to play bass guitar, drums, and record on professional tools; I even learned beat production. From there, I took music more seriously and bought a computer so I could start making music at home.

I released my first real project on my 17th birthday. I produced Chris Travis’ “The Godfather is Here” and even worked with Bexey, who was Lil Peep’s right-hand man. After that, I started working with other artists and soon had a catalog of over 400 songs and 6 beat tapes by 2016.

Which artist(s) have been most influential for you?
J Dilla and Flying Lotus.

What would you say was the biggest “aha” moment where you thought, “Wow, I’m really doing this. I’ve really made it”.

By the age of 20 or 21, I reached 1 million streams on my biggest hits, “Can’t Tell” and “So 1989”. After seeing those numbers, I realized that I could do and be much more. It took time to hit those markers but the fact that it happened was awesome.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?
‘Contexter’ is an older, electronic album I made a few years ago. I’m really proud of that.

Is there anyone specific who you would like to work with in the future?
Flying Lotus or Thundercat. Their work is all so abstract. I listened to a lot of it when I was younger and it sounded like what the future would sound like to me. It’s so unique and polished; so electronic that it’s serious about itself. I was always drawn to that kind of music.

What are you working on these days?
I’m actually working on some classical music right now. My album ‘University 2’ will be released later this month (November 2020). ‘Context 4’ will be the last installment of that series and it should be big. FrankJavCee and EDM producer Jason Leech are both featured on there. I’m excited for both releases.

Any tips for young, talented artists who are trying to break into the business?
Don’t follow trends. Do what you feel and let that guide you. Also, don’t try to be something that you think you need to be because you see others do it. Make the music that you feel and that you want to get out so people can relate to you and your authenticity.

What would you say to artists who are struggling financially because of COVID, or for any reason at that?
Sound Royalties provides a great service that offers cash flow security and the opportunity to grow your music in a way that sets it up for structural success. I was able to take the funding from them and put it back into making me money through marketing with ad promotions, merchandise, and PR.

If there’s one thing you would like to leave as your legacy, what would that be? How do you want people to remember you as an artist?
I never take no for an answer, and strive for what I want. Artists should be willing to do anything necessary to go where they want to go and find fulfillment in reaching that level for themselves. I want people to see a reflection of themselves through my music and just go for their dreams.

With all that has come from 2020, we are so excited that Yuni Wa is giving us new music to make us feel alive. Look out for his new releases ‘University 2’ and ‘Context 4’ coming to all streaming platforms soon, and be sure to check out his Instagram for updates and announcements!