Historic Breakthrough: Music Modernization Act Signed Into Law!

Historic Breakthrough: Music Modernization Act Signed Into Law!
For decades, music professionals have struggled to consistently secure proper compensation for their works played on streaming services due to archaic laws in place since 1909. But today, the music world took a huge step in righting this wrong with the passage of the Music Modernization Act (MMA)!

The MMA is one of the most important pieces of legislation that has ever been created for musicians and songwriters. So, what will it do?

• Update Section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act to establish a single licensing entity that would create a blanket mechanical license for mechanical reproduction rights for all digital music services.

This change would end the string of unfulfilled NOIs (Notices of Intention) by digital providers to secure compulsory licenses from the publishers of the songs they stream.
Going forward, the claiming process will be greatly simplified because all streaming royalties will be routed through one single entity. Similarly, it would also ease the process for streaming services since they would make all payments to that same single entity.

• Ensure that creatives receive royalties from digital and satellite radio for songs recorded before 1972, through the CLASSICS Act.

• Create a way for producers and engineers to collect royalties from SoundExchange for works used on satellite and online radio services.

• Replace the single, respective rate court judges with a wheel approach. This change means that instead of each PRO having a single judge ruling on all their rate setting disputes, judges will now be randomly assigned to each individual lawsuit. This will help create a more objective and unbiased system.

• Allow rate courts to consider all relevant market evidence when setting rates for public performances of musical works, including sound recording royalties – which shockingly, was previously prohibited by law.

As an outspoken advocate for musicians’ rights, Sound Royalties has been a strong supporter of the Music Modernization Act since its inception, and would like to thank everyone who played an instrumental role in bringing this legislation to pass: David Israelite and Bart Herbison of the NMPA, Steve Bogard of the NSAI, Mitch Glazier and Cary Sherman of the RIAA, as well as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, NAB, SONA, DiMA, the Internet Association, and all members of the creative community.

Thank you also to each of you who wrote your representatives and spoke out in favor this much-needed legislation. Together, we can help sustain the future of music.

Want to learn more? Follow the link below to watch Steve Bogard, President of the National Songwriters Association, discuss the MMA legislation with Sound Royalties: http://bit.ly/MMASteveBogard