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At Sound Royalties, we have pioneered the artist-friendly funding model! Whether a Creative is independent, signed to a publisher, label, or distributor, or registered with a performance rights organization (PRO), they can turn to us for financing. In reality, working with Sound Royalties is a win-win situation for creatives, AND for the publishers, labels, distributors, and PROs themselves.

We Compliment, We Don’t Compete

Sound Royalties does not replace the services that a publisher, label, distributor, or PRO provides. Think of us as another tool in the toolbox of a Creative’s career.

Publishers, labels, distributors, and PROs provide valuable services to their members and clients, whether it’s creative support, marketing, setting up writing and recording sessions, and more. 

When we come in, Creatives can get the capital they want through Sound Royalties without needing to leave their existing publisher, label, distributor, or PRO. And, the organizations they are signed to can continue providing their creative services without advancing their own money and thus eliminating their overhead cost for the advance process.

Additionally, the relationship between the Creative and their publisher/label/distributor/PRO becomes stronger and even more secure because our advances are structured to help Creatives stay with their existing partners. We simply help alleviate the financial considerations of both parties by acting as an alternative provider and working alongside these agreements.

At the end of the day, creatives can essentially supersize their existing deals by adding an advance from Sound Royalties!

A Reimagined Advance 

Our advances are structured differently. We recognize that there are many different income sources for creatives, which is why we work with all types of music royalty streams from over 130 publishers, labels, distributors, PROs, and administrators around the world.

While traditional payors can provide advances, there is often a revolving door of backend work that is cumbersome to maintain. And, if a Creative wants more money before their contract term is up or the advance isn’t near being recouped, the payor may not be ready to renegotiate terms with the creatives.  Additionally, if they do renegotiate, oftentimes it will lengthen the commitments (creatively or otherwise) a creative is beholden to with the organization. With Sound Royalties, a Creative can receive advances on an ongoing basis before their term or recoupment ends, no strings attached.

Traditional advances are set up for 100% recoupment, meaning that Creatives are required to pay back the entirety of the money advanced to them before they receive another dime.  We have uniquely structured our advances so that creatives can receive royalty checks throughout the term of their advance while never compromising ownership of their copyrights. 

Our Services Don’t Stop There

Sound Royalties is here to support not only creatives, but the greater ecosystem of the music industry. With our flexible music financing options, we also provide funding and white-label services to independent publishers, labels, and distributors to help support their business and roster.

For example, Damien Reilly, CEO and Founder of Blue Pie Records, came to Sound Royalties for funding to expand his label’s global presence. He was then able to open offices and hire staff in 6 different countries while growing his business by over 400% after he reinvested his capital from Sound Royalties! 

If you earn more than $5,000 in annual royalties and want to maximize your relationship with your publisher, label, distributor, or PRO, contact us today to inquire about our funding services. Simply fill out the form, and someone will get back to you within the next business day.