There’s no other funding source in the music business like Sound Royalties. See for yourself.

Sound Royalties

Royalty financing can be structured to allow you to keep income coming in.

You retain the rights to your music and don’t have to give up your copyrights.

We offer non-credit based financing and funding without having to deal with credit issues. Another benefit: it doesn’t show up as a loan on your credit report.

We’re fast — we can get you the funding you need quickly.

We offer customized financial options which can extend up to 7 years to meet your specific needs. That means you can get a larger amount with lower payments

We can fund anywhere from $5,000 up to $10 million.

If you refer someone to us and we work with your referral, we’ll pay you a referral fee up to $25,000.

Industry Standard

100% recoupment is typical. That means that you must pay back all of the money advanced to you before you earn a dime.

You may have to give up control of your copyrights.

Banks or traditional lending institutions typically look at personal or business credit before considering financing. This could affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

Banks and traditional lending institutions may not be accustomed to dealing with all the details of royalty payments. That could result in significant delays or even a denial.

The traditional industry standard is 12-18 months, which can limit the amount you’re eligible for.

Limitations on the term of your transaction may mean you won’t be qualified for as much money.

Most of our competitors don’t have a formal referral process. And those that do aren’t specific on what they’ll pay you.